unlocking the power of the hemp genome

Our Mission

Our mission is to fully characterize the cannabis and hemp genomes and create the most valuable portfolio of plant-based intellectual property assets in history. 

Our work supports hemp growers to drive value of their agricultural practices and intellectual property with high quality genetic analysis and proprietary testing tools.

Growing Together

GTR is more than just a bioscience company. We’re growers, idealists, facilitators. We cultivate concepts that generate high-quality plants.

We partner with farmers, combining proven R&D with modern agricultural specs to grow crops with optimal and customized yields. We work with people, generating opportunities within the industry and more sustainable farming practices. GTR’s stakeholders believe strongly that legal and regulated markets for cannabis are a social good, and are favorable indicator of societal evolution towards a more enlightened state.  As a participant in these markets, and as part of humanity, we are Growing Together.