We've held a long-standing belief in the potential of the cannabis sativa organism. In 2017, when we formed GT Research, we recognized the dearth of robust scientific literature on cannabis due to its legal status. Until relatively recently, there were almost no peer reviewed studies on cannabis genomics. We saw this as an opportunity to apply the same scientific rigor and biotechnology approaches that have been used in other industries to cannabis, to bring cannabis science into the 21st century. Cutting edge science is at the core of our approach to understanding and optimizing the hemp genome. Since 2017, there has been an explosion of transformative studies published on cannabis genomics that, combined with our novel bioinformatics platform, have enabled the discovery and exploitation of important genes impacting cannabis traits.

Our Vision

With our deep, unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the hemp genome, we aim to unlock the full potential of this extraordinary plant and provide myriad benefits and value creation for hemp market participants.

What we do

Our Mission

GT Research LLC is on a mission to improve and expand our understanding of the cannabis sativa (hemp) genome.

Multidisciplinary team

Our multidisciplinary team, which includes best-in-class geneticists, computer scientists and bioinformatic specialists, is wholeheartedly dedicated to being the first company to comprehensively annotate and characterize the entirety of the hemp genome to facilitate and enable our mission.

Engineering a field of possibilities

With the hemp plants we modify using our scientific understanding and cutting edge techniques, we aim to produce a multitude of agriculturally and commercially beneficial plant traits for hemp growers. Examples of such traits can include high plant CBD/other cannabinoid levels, pest/disease resistance, high trichome distribution and density, plant height etc.