Right Sizing the Candian Cannabis Market

Right Sizing the Canadian Cannabis Market

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  • The Canadian Recreational Cannabis Market is modeled over a four-year time horizon, focusing on cross-price elasticity of demand of individual consumer cohorts. Second order model drivers include Canadian population dynamics, producer efficiency gains, and spillover effects of recreational legalization. Sections are as follows:


    1. Executive Summary
    2. Introduction
    3. Who Drives Recreational Sales?
    4. Consumer Profiles
    5. Puff, Puff, Pass: Sales to New Users Will Be a Flash in the Pan
    6. Legality Bump: Word of Mouth Effect
    7. Risks of Narcotic Abuse
    8. Will Edibles Take a Bite Out of Cannabis Flower Sales?
    9. Unpacking Cannabis Expenditure
    10. Link Between THC Yields and Prices Is Overwrought
    11. Bridging Perception and Reality: The Chemistry and Biology of Potency
    12. A Zero-Sum Game: Tug of War Between BMC and CRCM
    13. Segment Proclivity for Contraband Procurement
    14. Supply-Side Dynamics
    15. Death and Taxes
    16. The Dealer Next Door
    17. Cost Structures by Growing Operation
    18. End Game: Revenue Trajectory
    19. Dissecting Aggregate Demand
    20. End Game: Revenue Trajectory
    21. Licensed Producer Profiles
    22. Aphria (APH) Firm Profile
    23. Canopy (WEED) Firm Profile
    24. ABcann (ABCN) Firm Profile
    25. Aurora Cannabis (ACB) Firm Profile
    26. CanniMed (CMED) Therapeutics Firm Profile
    27. Cronos Group (MJN) Firm Profile
    28. Emblem Corp (EMC) Firm Profile
    29. Emerald Health Therapeutics (EMH) Firm Profile
    30. Newstrike Resources Ltd (HIP) Firm Profile
    31. Harvest One (HVT) Firm Profile
    32. Invictus MD Strategies Corp (IVITF) Firm Profile
    33. MedReleaf Corp (LEAF) Firm Profile
    34. OrganiGram Holdings Inc (OGI) Firm Profile
    35. Supreme Cannabis (FIRE) Firm Profile
    36. Hydropothecary (THCX) Firm Profile
    37. References
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